Penumbral lunar eclipse 2009


During the night of the 5th to 6th August 2009, a penumbral eclipse occurred. The faint phenomenum could not be visible with unaided eyes. I tried also to observe it with a bright pair of binoculars («Perl de Nuit» 11x70) but it was no more successful. Only the camera (Canon 5DMarkII) could make the difference while «blinking» in a Gif animation with two shots. The first shot was taken at 23:25:38 GMT on the 5th and the second one at 00:28:04 GMT on the 6th. Unfortunately I did not had the idea to take a shot just before the phenomenum had begun, and at the maximum time of this eclipse it was clouded as a bank of altocumulus was just staying in the direction of the moon.

(To be able to look at the gif «animation» you must first click on it and then click on «Telecharger»)


      PLE 20090806